Ophelia’s Oracle: new book for girls

| November 18, 2009

Ophelia's Oracle by DeNomme & Proctorby Donna DeNomme & Tina Proctor. $16.95

A new offering from local author of “Turtle Wisdom”.

The story of a bright, physically active pre-teen who often feels lost when she asks herself the question, “Who am I?” Her mother is Japanese-American with strict rules about her daughter’s behavior and is often frustrated by Ophelia’s need to separate herself from her heritage. Ophelia’s Japanese grandmother touches her deeply with the story of Amaterasu, the sun goddess who withdraws her light from the world in anger at her younger brother’s behavior. As Amaterasu emerges from her cave, she gazes into a mirror hung on a tree and is amazed at her own beauty …. Ophelia also begins to appreciate herself in new ways as she learns the stories of other goddesses who represent her female ancestry. In this delightful way, she explores her feelings about her growing emergence as a teen girl and embraces her own feminine wisdom.

Winner in the mythology and folklore category and finalist in the young adult non-fiction category of the National “Best Books 2009” Awards, sponsored by USA Books

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