Integrating Your Inner Child with Norma Mitchell

| August 8, 2010

There are many of us who have issues with our childhood – from being loved yet not shown as much affection and attention we desired, to being ignored, or even abused emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically. Many of us have spent years and many dollars in therapy to help us understand and deal with our issues. And some of us have pushed back the hurt feelings, disappointments and fears of our inner child.

Through therapy, workshops, books and other material, many of us have gained the understanding of what has affected us and how, and we understand our parents and their situations more clearly. In the process, our hurt children are often healed and accepted as part of us. Unfortunately, most of us have not understood how to integrate our inner child as a healthy part of our adult self. These children are an essentioal part of our lives and yet we often treat them as though we are parents who can’t be bothered with them.

What if instead of finding these children to be wounded, sad, withdrawn, lonely, and fearful – needing comfort and understanding – we also found them to be loving, giving, accepting of love, trusting, intuitive, humorous, playful, adventuresome, creative, innovative and awesome parts of us? And what if we could access these parts at will? Each of us not only can…we have the choice of doing so daily to improve the quality of our lives.

In this group setting, we will become more readily acquainted with our inner children and learn how to communicate with him/her in ways that take us out of our limitations of being reluctant or even fearful of connecting and integrating this part of us. We will also see how our child affects our beliefs, our emotions, our decisions and reactions so we can make healthier decisions from our adult self in our communication with others at work and play, then choose healthier relationships, lifestyles, gain control of our insecurities and fears and create the lives we say we really want.

Norma Mitchell has worked as an Intuitive and Spiritual Counselor, Business Consultant, Hypno/Regression Therapist, Teacher and Medium for the past thirty plus years. She has appeared on television and radio talk shows and given programs at business, social and church functions. She has also published articles in various publications.

Norma is available for counseling in person on Mondays from 11am-6 pm and at least one weekend day each month at the Shining Lotus in Denver. She is also available other times for phone sessions through the store. Please call 303-758-9113 to schedule your appointments.

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  1. Tim Johnson says:

    Call 303-758-9113 to get answers to your questions. A personal session with Norma can be arranged at that time.
    Thank you for your interest.