Tonight!! T. Thorn Coyle lecture and book signing

| September 17, 2010

Author and performance artistPlease call 303-758-9113 to register for this event.

Friday September 17, 7pm, hear Thorn speak at Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore (Air Sponsor) on “Kissing the Limitless: Learning to Live Beyond Fragmentation.”

We can come into the wholeness of ourselves, embracing light and shadow and bringing all of our parts into alignment. Here we kiss the limitless Divine, in the place where our own divine nature touches the macrocosm, opening our lives to infinity. What have you rejected in yourself? Call it back. What have you feared to look upon? See it. What stories have you buried in the past? Listen. What longing does your heart have? Hold that now. Draw all your separate selves into one Being. Possess yourself, and engage the Great Work of the alchemists and magic workers throughout time. Intone the “I am” as a spell to become fully human and fully divine.

2178 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO 80222. (303) 758-9113

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