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| October 1, 2010
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In the October issue of New Age Retailer Magazine, “Writing the Divine” author, Sara Wiseman wrote about the importance of branding in a retail marketing scheme. She cites our branding as a glowing example of how to create, apply and market that brand. Below is a bit of the article.
Make Your MarkMake Your Mark
A store’s brand tells all. Does yours speak loud and clear?
by Sara Wiseman
You’re a cowpoke riding the range, hoping to round up stolen cattle. The sun blazes, your bandana’s caked with trail dust, and there’s nothing but tumbleweeds for miles. Overhead, vultures circle. Suddenly, a cow staggers into view. With a big “yee haw!” you lasso it, smack the dust off its rump, and reveal your cow’s brand … but wait. Shoot! This isn’t your cow at all! This one belongs to Lazy Z Ranch, your competitor across the mesa–a sniveling varmint known for grain feeding and spending way too much time at the saloon. How do you know? Because a brand tells all–on cows, in retail stores, and in every type of business.
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The term “brand” may have roots on the range, but regardless of origin, “branding” is now known as the art of creating a recognizable identity that’s associated not just with your graphic image, but with every aspect of your company.

A well-crafted brand establishes identity. It tells your customers who you are, what products and services you offer, how you do business, and what treatment they can expect if they stop by in person or online. A terrific example? Shining Lotus in Denver, Colo. For starters, this metaphysical store played off Denver’s nickname as the “Shining City”, then the owners chose a sleek lotus with silver-foil leaves–ultra clean and modern. This brand instantly tells customers that Shining Lotus is a progressive metaphysical store with an Eastern focus located in Denver. It’s clever, smart, and customers get it.

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