Palo Santo Natural Wood Incense

| February 25, 2011

Palo SantoThe Incas and the indigenous people of the Andes have been using Palo Santo (holy wood) for colds, asthma, allergies, stress, anxiety, sea sickness, migraine, arthritis, neckaches, cervical pain, meditation and relaxation. The wood is wild harvested from Ecuador and Peru from naturally dead trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years.

Now you can use the same natural aromatic incense that the Incas used for centuries to purify and cleanse your space, getting rid of evil spirits and misfortune. It has a fine citrus aroma with underlying notes of frankincense, its close relative. It is often used by shamans in sacred plant spirit ceremonies.

Unlike conventional incense which burns completely, Palo Santo may have to be lit several times. When lighting, allow the wood to burn for less than a minute, then blow out the flame.  $8.99 per 2 oz. pkg.


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  1. Incense Holder, Ince says:

    We are having a Japanese incense exploration tonight. Smells wonderful.