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Sunday May 22 at 2:00 pm. FREE PRESENTATION.

The Angels Of Light by Alley Brook

Check On Your Child: What Your Inner Child is up to…
During the class, we will discuss what and who your Inner Child is and then a few participants will be gifted with an Inner Child reading.
We will have a discussion about Angels then have an experience of Angelic Healing work.

Invite magic and new possibilities into your life by reading “The Angels of Light,” a new book by author Alley Brook. To quote the author: “This is the first book of five…consisting of 10 poetic stories written for the child within all of us, so an adult reading to a child will enjoy it as well.”

You will be introduced to the Ten Angels of Light, each with their own beautiful story. In these ten Angel adventure stories, you will also have the opportunity to color yourself into many of the 139 lyrical illustrations. Again, quoting Alley: “Each story contains seeds of possibility which we can grow into.”
The author shows her talent and joy by being able to invite others to connect with these high vibrational Light Beings. As you get to know the Angels, you can call them into your life for companionship, healing, guidance, delight and inspiration. You will never feel alone again!
All five books will open up your life to the possibility of co- creating with The Angels of Light.
So begin with Book One: “The Angels of Light” and let your journey begin!

The 10 Angels with their unique qualities:

  • Dolphin Angel- Harmony and communication.
  • Guardian Angel- Grace and feminine beauty.
  • Cat Angel- Intuition and stealthy flexible physicality.
  • Wizard Angel- Brilliant mind, humor, science and the mysteries.
  • Bird Angel- Healing, nesting and nurturing.
  • Knight Angel- Courage, bravery and support.
  • Winged-Horse Angel- Time travel and adventures.
  • Fairy Angel- Fun and playtime in gardens.
  • Dog Angel- Companionship and unconditional love.
  • Creation Angel- The art of creation and the cycles of life.

Author Alley Brook

Alley will be at The Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore on Sun May 22 – free lecture: 2-3:30pm — book signing following the lecture.

Alley will offer this free lecture while invoking The Angels of Light for a personal class experience. Alley currently teaches classes helping people to connect with the Light Angels. In these classes you will learn how to call upon the Angels of Light for direct contact, help, support and Spiritual Purification. (Evolved) children are welcome in the classes. (Private sessions for infants).

Alley’s Bio: This lifetime has prepared me for this work. It has not been an easy life, but one with powerful experiences, which changed my body, mind and spiritual self. Through these experiences, I have developed a deep understanding of the process of transformation with which I help guide others. My energetic system has been developing over this lifetime, and I am able to be present with the transformative energies that the Angels work with, while helping others become…LIGHTBODIES…

Alley is also available for private healing sessions…
The Angels Orchestrate each class and session while using Alley as the human support system.

I have done much spiritual work for years and working with Alley has shown me how much easier and more elegant it can be.  So much was taken care in just a few sessions that I was amazed.  I also like the fact that she is very willing to teach people how to do this themselves.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their own personal and spiritual growth. ~~Donna

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