Sep 3 2011 – INTRO TO ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS with Rikka Zimmerman

| August 22, 2011


Saturday, September 3, 2pm – 3pm, FREE PRESENTATION.

Rikka Zimmerman

21 Secrets of the Universe Cards $34.95

How often do you have the same thoughts, feel the same old feelings and repeat the same old life patterns you know are not rewarding … but you keep repeating them anyway?

How often do you feel there is something wrong with you because you just can’t get this reality “right”?

What if the “right way” is only a question of perspective?

What if there is no right or wrong, only choice?

What if you already know everything you need to know?

Please join Rikka on Saturday afternoon and discover how you can clear and release limiting energetic patterns in your own life and realize the harmonies and magical abilities of the Infinite You!! Find out how You can be the creator of your life and gain new insights and shifts in consciousness to create a powerful gateway of possibilities. Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Rikka Zimmerman is a facilitator of Access Consciousness, a set of tools to literally transform anything in anyone’s life and is acclaimed internationally for this work. She holds large seminars, tele-classes, offers private sessions and group classes. She has released a beautiful consciousness card deck “21 Secrets of the Universe: Getting Everything You Desire Out of Life”.

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