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| March 26, 2012

Choose XOÇAI™ (pronounced show-sigh)chocolate for guilt-free pleasure. Each bite is packed with the heart-healthy benefits of rich dark chocolate and the antioxidant power of the South American superfood, acai berry. The result is a rich chocolate treat that feeds you body and soul.


The Secret is in the Special Processing Method

All chocolate is not created equal. Most companies process cocoa beans using a method called Dutching. The Dutching process adds alkali-potash to the cocoa beans before roasting. Roasting cocoa beans destroys many of the antioxidants, while Dutching adds chemicals. Such a process makes chocolate cheap and affordable, but it pretty much neutralizes any of the potential health benefits of chocolate. And to add insult to injury, to make the resulting chocolate more palatable, sugar, fat and other ingredients are added, further decreasing the potential health benefits.
 Not so with XOÇAI™ healthy chocolate. The unique cold-press process preserves the healthy nutrients and antioxidants in Ivory Coast chocolate while creating a delicious rich dark chocolate flavor you’ll love. It’s the BEST of both possible worlds, healthy nutrients and tasty treats, in one special chocolate.

XOÇAI™ Packs Super Food Ingredients In Every Bite
Once known only to the native people of South America, the tiny acai berry packs a powerful antioxidant punch. The benefits of acai berries include anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Combined with the power of rich dark chocolate in its natural, unprocessed state, the result is a chocolate treat packed with as many antioxidants as a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. Now that’s a healthy chocolate!

Dear Fellow Chocolate Lover,

Are you tired of every nutrition guru under the sun scolding you because you love a good chocolate bar?

How many times have you reached for your favorite chocolate bar only to feel a wash of guilt come over you – “I shouldn’t be eating this” – ?

Wouldn’t you love to bite into a rich square of luscious smooth, dark chocolate without the guilt, without the worry, without the fear?

X Power Squares

There’s a better way to have your chocolate and enjoy it, too. The secret is XOÇAI™ healthy chocolate, and here’s why choosing XOÇAI™ is the smart choice for chocaholics worldwide.
Xoçai™ is a unique chocolate. Using a special cold-press processing method, the antioxidants and nutrients are preserved in the freshly harvested Ivory Coast cocoa beans. No fillers or stabilizers, sugars or fats are added to the chocolate. It’s pure, it’s rich, and it’s heavenly.
But that’s not all, special ingredients are used, including the acai berry superfood. Once known only to the native peoples of South America, these dark purple berries pack a potent antioxidant punch.
Xoçai™ chocolate tastes wonderful and it feeds you body and soul. Each bite adds antixoidants to your diet, perhaps as many as a basketful of fresh fruits and vegetables.
So here’s to your health, and here’s to your secret stash of chocolate. Make it XOÇAI™ healthy chocolate, and boost your health with every bite.

There is No Such Thing As Healthy Chocolate.  Really?

Do you remember the news headlines of a few years ago when the studies first came out touting the health benefits of chocolate? Well, the studies left out one important fact:
The typical processing method used by most chocolate bar producers DESTROYS most of the antioxidant benefits of chocolate!  Choose the one, the only chocolate bar that’s filled with antioxidants preserved through a unique cold-press method and boosted with the incredible antioxidant power of the acai berry. Choose the healthy chocolate that people are talking about from coast to coast. Choose XOÇAI™

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