| October 27, 2012

THE ZOMBIE TAROT: An Oracle of the Undead
78 cards (illustrated by Paul Kepple & Ralph Geroni) and Instruction Book (written by Stacey Graham)


review by Tim Johnson


Quirk Books and Paul Kepple bring you the ultimate weapon for protecting you and your loved ones from the next inevitable Zombie Apocolypse. Cleverly packaged in a sweet box that could be used to store extra shotgun shells, the Zombie Tarot includes 78 cards illustrated by Paul Kepple (author of The Housewives’ Tarot) and Ralph Geroni of Headcase Designs. Stacey Graham of The Girl’s Ghost Huntiing Guide fame, provided the keywords and card insights in a 96 page instruction booklet included.

Using collages of images that resemble American newspaper ads of the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s, this deck will appeal to the odd (literally, odd) baby boomers as well as the younger, more tender and juicy Goth trenchcoaters. Wands are limbs, pentacles are bio-hazard symbols, cups are skulls and swords are hatchets.

Ms. Graham writes, “This deck will provide insight and ammunition for surviving the undead uprising!” She suggests five spreads, for ‘the Beginner’, ‘The Broken Heart’, ‘The Gravestone’, ‘The Eyeball’ and ‘the Severed Head’.


Wendy Stokes, author of The Lightworkers Circle Guide says, “Take the card of 5 of Wands as an example. It depicts a man lying on the floor, covered in blood and shouting because both his legs have been hacked off at the knees. Above him, two men, looking hungry, unwell and wearing ripped clothes are on their knees fighting over an amputated leg. Key words provided are ‘Quarrels’ ‘Strife’ ‘Competition’ and the information is as follows: Even zombies will fall prey to an occasional petty squabble. But while you and your buddy argue over who gets to eat the leg meat, it’s possible the rest of the corpse is mounting a swift escape! So remember: next time you find yourself in a quarrel, take a moment to consider what’s really important. Even if you win this battle, you may ultimately lose the war.”

This deck is the ideal Hostess Gift for your Halloween party or put it under the tree and listen to your ghoul shriek on Christmas morning.

From the Press Release

Remember when it all began? That spill of toxic sludge on Route I-95 that spawned that zombie outbreak? With the impending apocalypse heading our way, are you prepared? Is your fallout shelter stock piled with canned goods and first aid supplies? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. It’ll help you as you seek advice and insight during these trying times… The Zombie Tarot.
The Zombie Tarot can help you decide whether to remain barricaded inside your fallout shelter or to head for the government sponsored refugee camps. It’ll guide you and help you determine the best course of action with:
–78 illustrated cards, complete with severed limbs and loads of weaponry.

–A 96-page full-color instruction booklet to help you interpret your readings.

–Much needed advice for the zombie uprising, including always (always!) keeping the shotgun loaded.

The Zombie Tarot makes for the perfect gift, especially for those nonbelievers in your life. Trust us; they will thank you later.


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