Genghis Khan – A social commentary by Drusant

| August 17, 2013

Genghis Khan

We are definitely at the end of an era. We are at the end of a cycle and we are witnessing the natural death of this period. All cycles and civilizations have stages of birth, adolescence, adulthood and old age. As time has sped up so rapidly in recent years; so too, this older period of society has come upon us more quickly than we might have anticipated.

Statue of Genghis Khan at his mausoleum in Ejin Horo Qi, China

Statue of Genghis Khan at his mausoleum in Ejin Horo Qi, China

This natural rhythm of nature also includes the life cycle of nation-states as well. In the past, previous nation-states were overrun by hordes of invading marauders such as Genghis Khan and his armies. In today’s world, the invaders that are riding on their golden steeds with the greatest degree of destruction across this entire planet are the corporations. The corporation’s motto is, “Take no prisoners, only profits.”

Genghis Khan told his troops, “If you fight for me, I will feed your families even after your death,” and he experienced great loyalty. His army left a great swath of death behind them from village to village all through Asia, all the way to the Middle East, leaving millions upon millions dead. It is easy to predict that today’s corporations are on the same quest. I suspect that within the next one hundred years they will have the same results, only leaving a much larger number of bodies in their wake.

After invading armies of history destroyed previous settlements or civilizations, a mixture of races occurred and a new cycle began, not unlike the birthing of a new child. The new civilization will begin its growth cycle and it will start like a clean, fresh child. This will be the beginning of our next 26,000 year cycle. The bad news is that we are not prepared for this old-age stage of our society. The good news is, we will come again with broader, grander and more mature ideas with which to build anew. It will expand the narrow vision that science has today. It will intensify our spiritual inheritance into a greater collective acceptance and understanding as we merge the soul with science. Only then can social justice prevail; only then can we build a more secure and stable society with moral and ethical integrity.

StopCorpGreedThis death and birth sequence can be a bit of discomfort at first, but it is inevitable. If change did not occur, we would still have a bone through our nose as those of far history did while they danced around their fire pits. There was nothing wrong with that, it was just a younger time of development.

We are not dead yet, but this might be the time to sing our death song and weigh the contents of our heart. It may be the time to express our love for one another and to relax our spirit. This may be the time to look at the trees and birds as if it may be the last time we see them. Those moments are when we value life the most.

The oil companies are going to do whatever they will do. Monsanto will do whatever it will do—they have already set laws to support their destruction and who or what will stop them? Education continues to drop. Does anyone expect congress to admit their salaries and benefits are too large? Would I use my sling-shot against the swat team if I come to know too much? I think I need to get into nature a little more and as they say, “Smell the roses” while I can.

Drusant                                        7.29.2013


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  1. Douglas Chambers says:

    Tim, I’m honored that you would like to include this poem in your next publication. I like the pictures you are using too. I guess it is just as good to use the name with which I sign them: Drusant.

    Thanks. I could send you a few more for your consideration for a future time.

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