PATTERNS & SHAPES …or, Why It Is Good That We Don’t Change

| September 20, 2013


patternsThe tree grows according to the pattern that shapes and makes it. The seed provides this pattern and the soil and weather conditions shape the pattern.

We grow according to our pattern and outside influence. The pattern is shaped by lots and lots of lives, by inheritance and by social conditions. One person angers quickly while others say they shouldn’t. Some people are too mild and are taken advantage of, and again, others say they shouldn’t. Some are tall and some are short and we all feel we should be a little different than we are.

People don’t change their pattern any more than does the tree. We can cut and trim the tree differently but its inner design will remain the same.

Some people are loud or self-absorbed while others are meek, quiet and self-giving to others. We can all criticize the shape and sound of others and even criticize ourselves a little bit but our pattern is our pattern and nature made it so. Rather than for me to feel bad about my pattern, how can I best use my pattern to express my purpose?

The pattern is the purpose and the purpose is for pleasure. When have we ever found pleasure in our pattern when our pattern has been criticized for not being smart enough or quick enough or tall enough; or for being too tall, too smart or too quick?

Why are we so quick to criticize others who aren’t more like us? Some people drive through traffic too fast while others drive too slowly. Would I prefer that others be just like me or can I allow them to be different with a different pattern, shape, thoughts and emotions? If everyone looked and dressed like me then that means I would be just like them. And tell me please, who would ever want to be just like them?

How can I find pleasure in being me when I’ve been criticized for so long? The only way to stop the war is for me to enjoy being me. The only way to heal the planet is for you to enjoy being you.

If you think about it, we use our ego, thinking mind to justify our pattern of behavior to the rest of the world, if only the world would listen. In the process of enjoying the being of which we are, I wonder what little work would be left for the ego. I find this a great pleasure to think about.



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