| January 21, 2014


You have all become too focused on your so called “Sins”, your failures and limitations, that which is still your Karmas…

Know that when We look at you, We can only perceive your Radiance… the Light of your Soul with which you choose to surround yourself…

Yet when you become so focused on your “Darkness”, then by so doing, you turn your back to Us – even as you apparently seek Our Help.

This must stop! for it is the Sabotage of a Lower Mind and Lower Consciousness. Do not belittle yourself so – for you are Worthy – and worth much more.


2014 is a year of Great Changes, and horrible extremes… much Good will be done and demonstrated even by the lowest among you.

Know that Great Beings (teachers, gurus, high initiates) will be much more active in anchoring the Light of Higher Consciousness throughout all the Tribes of Man… and be equally opposed by Dark Brothers working in high positions (politics, industries, banking).

All will be revealed by their Actions – and so will you!

Do not be fooled by Propaganda and Simple Talk… but turn Inward, and put your own house in order – for this year is the Foundation upon which you will create your Life and your World (in this and future Incarnations).

Take heed… the Time is now… Change and create Harmony – do not harbor “Darkness”.


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