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treeThe beginning of Spring occurs at 10:57 am MDT on March 20, 2014. A chart done for this event reveals the pattern of planetary energies that will be impacting us until the Summer Solstice.

The sign of Gemini on the Ascendant of the chart indicates the importance of Mercury in our overall experience. Mercury represents how we think and communicate. Mercury is in the sign of Pisces conjunct the planet Neptune in the tenth house of career and outer achievement. Our success will be enhanced through meditation, prayer and attunement of our consciousness to our “soul” purpose. Both the Sun and Uranus are in the sign of Aries. Aries is also on the cusp of the eleventh house of friends. This position suggests that we will make new friends and benefit by connecting with groups of individuals that support our perception of truth and spiritual philosophy. Out of town relationships and connections over the internet will inspire us to form creative alliances for social change.

Spring2014There is a major focus on healing, transformation and empowerment. Letting go of old jobs and ways of doing things will allow us to be more present with the needs of family members and the transition of those who are letting go of their physical existence.

A major transformation in our value system is at hand. The purpose of our life as it relates to our work and service is undergoing major transformation and change. We are going to be guided to new ways of manifesting our emotional and financial security. This process of transformation will require that we remember the Scorpio motto: “Chill out, empty out, let go, relax and receive.” Any other approach is likely to produce irritation, aggravation, stress and major health issues. Resistance to change creates energy blocks and disease.

It is time to grow our awareness of how to experience healthy and mutually beneficial relationships. We are trying to find the balance between our authentic individual expression and purpose and the benefits of co-creation and partnership. We are discovering new ways of relating to others that will allow us to achieve individual and collective success through creative joint-ventures.

Letting go of old patterns of fear-based control will facilitate the growth and development of new ways of achieving emotional and financial security.

To Summarize: We benefit by focusing on a vision and setting an intention for what we desire and then letting go of all attachments and pre-conceived ideas of how it will manifest. The keyword is: “discovery.” We are awakening to new possibilities and perceptions. Availability for new ways of seeing and sharing will nurture and support new relationships and the actualization of our greater purpose and potential.

Astrological Highlights include: A New Moon in Aries on the morning of March 30. This is an indication of new beginnings in our awareness and assertion of our true self. Mars will continue to be retrograde in the sign of Libra until May 19. We will be learning new ways of showing up in our relationships with others for as long as Mars is in the sign of Libra (July 25). Our next Lunar Eclipse will occur on April 15 in the sign of Libra. This eclipse further intensifies the focus emotionally on partnership and teamwork for the next six months. Joint ventures and new ways of co-creation and working together will produce the best results.

The next Solar Eclipse will occur early on the morning of April 29 in the sign of Taurus. Our focus consciously during the next six months will be on manifesting value and financial security. Our empowerment may require that we let go of certain people and property that has represented our emotional and financial security on or around May 14 while the Moon is Full in the sign of Scorpio. We benefit by exploring new ways of manifesting value and sharing these ideas with family and friends.

The planet Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Cancer on June 7. Mercury goes back into the sign of Gemini on June 17 and will not return to direct motion until July 1. We are advised to evaluate our decisions carefully during the retrograde period and get all the facts so we can make fully informed decisions after Mercury goes direct. Changes in our perception and understanding of ourselves and others during the Spring and Summer season will allow us to view our lives in uniquely different ways. Our time of discovery has only just begun.

Logo of Astrologer Roy NealRoy Neal is a professional astrological counselor with a private practice in the Denver/Boulder area. If you would like to find out how this time period impacts you individually call Roy at 720-962-4633 or 303-757-3638 and make an appointment to update your personal astrological chart.

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