| April 1, 2014

AriesThe Sun enters the sign of Aries at 10:57 a.m. MDT on March 20, 2014. This marks the beginning of Spring and a new zodiac cycle. There is a New Moon in Aries on Sunday, March 30. This New Moon energy symbolizes a new beginning in our ownership of self and our relationship with the planet Mars. Starting new projects and taking action on new ventures is our natural impulse at this time.

Mars continues its backwards motion in Libra until May 19. As long as Mars is retrograde in Libra we will have the opportunity to evaluate our agreements with others. It may be necessary to re-negotiate these agreements so that they reflect a fair exchange of energy and value. This is a great time to resolve any issues in previous relationships that are not reflecting harmony and balance.

Mercury enters the sign of Aries on the same morning as the Moon enters its First Quarter phase in the sign of Cancer on April 7. It is certain that emotional issues involving home, security and family members are likely to arise beginning on the weekend of Friday, April 5 as the Moon enters Cancer and Venus enters Pisces. We will need to help others by making major decisions as to their care and welfare.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse occurs in Libra on Tuesday, April 15 at 1:42 a.m. MDT. This Eclipse activation symbolizes the beginning of a six month cycle of emotionally engaging in our relationships with others with new understanding and consciousness. Team efforts, joint ventures and mutually beneficial agreements are favored for our personal and professional success.

Taurus by Josephine Wall

Taurus by Josephine Wall

The Sun enters the sign of Taurus on Saturday evening, April 19. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of attraction, relationship and money. We are encouraged to become more conscious of what we truly want and value. The Last Quarter phase of the Moon occurs early on Earth Day, April 22, in the sign of Aquarius. This activation stimulates our emotional need for independence and innovation in the process of manifesting more financial value. The focus on money and value becomes even stronger as the planet Mercury enters the sign of Taurus on Wednesday morning, April 23.

Our conscious awareness of what we value and what we truly need to do in order to manifest this value is further enhanced as we experience the New Moon/Solar Eclipse just after midnight on Tuesday, April 29 in the sign of Taurus. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse marks the beginning of a new cycle of focusing on the Earth, our finances and what we truly want to manifest of tangible value in our everyday lives.

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