Wed May 14, 2014 – LET’S GET STONED with Meghan Taft

| May 14, 2014

LET’S GET STONED with Meghan Taft

GemstonesWednesday, May 14, 2014.  7 – 8:30 pm.  $5.

Hey everyone!  It is time, I have chosen the stones from my magic box of rocks!  This month, we will be going over all of the Feldspars!  This includes 3 stones, Sunstone, Moonstone, and Labradorite (aka Spectralite).  All three stones are good to bring 3 different energies into one unifying force, to create a 4th energy.  These stones are powerful to work with, so if you have any of these stones, please bring them with you!  Plus, don’t forget, that if you have any stones that you can’t identify, then bring them too, and I will help you name your stones!  So come on out and LET’S GET STONED…or ‘The Art of Being Distracted by Shiny Things’, is a guide for working with gemstones to help you balance your life. Doing so helps you heal yourself, manifest positive changes, and develop your psychic abilities. There are many gemstones to work with, and many different things they can do for you! We will go over the basic of the basics about gemstones and how you can work with them. Also, if you have any stones that you can’t identify, bring them with you and I can help you to learn how to identify your stones! We are going to have a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing you there, so come on and Let’s Get Stoned!

MeghanTaftMeghan Taft has been studying geology and working with gemstones for 14 years. She works with gemstones by setting up grids in houses and businesses and does gemstone readings.

Please contact Meghan Taft at 303-789-0646 and ask for ext 47 to sign up for the group, admission is $5, we will go over a different set of stones each month and you will be emailed the updated info for each group.

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