Kendara Laurel

| September 30, 2014

Specializing in Tarot, I Ching, Intuitive Readings.

Kendara Katey Laurel has been involved in metaphysics for over 35 years. Her readings are empowering and helpful. She is a practicing and teaching intuitive, psychic, clairaudient (intuitive hearing), clairvoyant (intuitive seeing), and Tarot reader.

Her studies have included extensive classes in psychic development and attending various spiritual and metaphysically based churches.

Kendara also teaches classes in Meditation, I Ching, Intuitive Tarot, Healing Psychic Development and Belief Shifting.

Kendara believes everyone is psychic, and loves helping them discover and learn to use their gifts. She also runs the ‘Denver Introduction to Metaphysics Meet-Up’, which has over 2200 members and invites experts to speak on various areas of metaphysics twice a month.

Kendara will be offering Tarot, I Ching and Intuitive Readings on Friday to help you find the best answers to your questions. She can also help you identify and replace negative self-defeating beliefs with positive, constructive ones. She is very excited to be sharing her gifts with you.


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