Tue Apr 5, 2016 – ENERGY VAMPIRES & THE TORN AURA with Mario C. Veo

| March 20, 2016

ENERGY VAMPIRES & THE TORN AURA… how we feed the very cause of our demise with Mario C. Veo.
6:30 – 8 pm. $25.

auraThis one is for all of you ‘Loving Hearts’, who, through your very kindness, allow others to ‘feed off you’. Some may call you enablers, others may recognize your Gentle Heart, while many simply shake their heads, puzzled by your fast depleting Life Force…
What?!?… you did not realize the real danger you forced upon your Incarnation… how your very kindness depletesyou of your own Life Force, shortening the years you should have had… and the inevitable Karma which follows…!? This is beyond simple Energy Work… even beyond Healing – this is about survival and your future Incarnations…(are you paying attention yet…?) Call 303-758-9113 to register.

Mario VeoMario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesday afternoons at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.

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