This tarot deck — so modern in the style of its production and artistry — was created by the Swiss painter and designer, Adrian Bernhard Koehli, as his final assessment project in communication design. The work-tool he used to design these masterly images was the computer. As a young artist he demonstrates quite clearly his own understanding and experience of the basic principles of life and so reflects the spirit of our times. The perfection, clarity and beauty of the ageless design of the trumps is in one respect decorative, even eye-catching, and at the same time cool; it portrays the facade behind which many people today hide their true thoughts and feelings. Only on closer viewing do the inner images and feelings emerge and a vital complex of many layers reveals itself. The superimposed patterns of the line drawings, the clear colors and the ‘Trees of Paradise’ impressively enhance this effect.

Adrian Tarot by Adrian B. Koehli & Miki Krefting

78 cards made in Switzerland

Published by AGM AGMuller


Price $100

The photos accompanying this post are actual scan/photos of this deck. These cards are gently used, and the box is in really good shape.

Price: $100.00
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