Designed in 1860 by Giovanbattista Guala, the Ancient Tarots of Liguria-Piedmont are primitive and naïve in style and hue. The parchment-like background softens lines and works well with the warm, muted blues, golds, and reds that color the deck. Interesting from both a print and an historical point of view, this deck will help you seek the future by connecting you deeply with the ancient past.

Currently offered for sale on internet sites starting at $700, this beautiful Italian-Spanish crossover deck is beautiful in its simplicity and historical interest. Packaged with an 18 page ‘booklet’ of instructions in English, Spanish and Italian, this deck borrows from the Marseilles style of Tarot.

Ancient Tarots of Liguria-Piedmont by Giovanbattista Guala

78 cards printed in Italy, 1995

Published by Lo Scarabeo, distributed by Llewellyn

ISBN: 9780738700274

Price: $100

The photos accompanying this post are actual scan/photos of this deck. These cards are gently used, and the box is in really good shape.

Price: $100.00
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