HOURS WITH THE MYSTICS by Robert Alfred Vaughan


A contribution to the History of Religious Opinion. The subject of this work is one which will generally be thought to need some words of explanation, if not of apology. Mysticism is almost everywhere synonymous with what is most visionary in religion and most obscure in speculation. The first edition of the “Hours With The Mystics” appeared in 1856; the second was, to a great extent, revised by the author, but it did not appear until after his death. ~~from the Introduction

Author: Robert Alfred Vaughan, B.A.
Publisher: George Routledge & Sons Ltd.
Copyright: 1856
ISBN: none
Price: $45
Condition: This Hard Cover book is used and does not have a dust cover. This is a Ninth Edition with an inscription inside, “Monsieur George Remade. from K.A. Hamilton Bocese Christmas 1911”. 383 pages.

Price: $45.00
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