IAMBLICHUS’ LIFE OF PYTHAGORAS by Iamblichus, translated by Thomas Taylor


Iamblichus’ LIFE OF PYTHAGORAS, or Pythagoric Life. Accompanied by fragments of the ethical writings of certain pythagoreans in the Doric dialect, and a Collection of Pythagoric Sentences from Stobaeus and others, which are omitted by Gale in his OPUSCULA MYTHOLOGICA, and have not been noticed by any editor. Translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor. Sage of Samos, initiate of the mysteries, and transmitter of the ancient wisdom, Pythagoras was a pivotal figure in all of Western philosophy and thought. His life is as much an example for us today as it was for his students nearly twenty-five centuries ago.

Translator: Thomas Taylor
Publisher: Inner Traditions Int.
Copyright: 1986, reprinted from the edition of 1818
ISBN: 0-89281-152-8
Price: $20
Condition: This paperback book is used, and in really good condition, with the previous owner’s name in ink on the inside cover page. 252 pages.

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