The Knapp-Hall Tarot Deck was originally published in 1929 under the name Revised, New Art Tarot Cards. It is the result of a collaboration between Manly P. Hall and the artist, J. Augustus Knapp.
In 1985 it was reissued under the name Knapp-Hall. On each card is a unique symbol. The LWB does not explain the meaning of the symbols but does explain their purpose: they act like a mandala. When you meditate on them and on the spread, it is easier to open your mind to inspiration and interpretations that go beyond the traditional meanings of the cards.
The cards are the size of a standard deck of playing cards (easy to handle). The illustrations on the Majors are beautiful and warm. The minors/pis are unillustrated. Complete with instruction booklet by J. A. Knapp including Introduction by Manly P. Hall.
This is a great deck for reading and particularly good for meditation.

Knapp-Hall Tarot by J. Augustus Knapp and Manly P. Hall

78 cards printed in Belgium, 1985

Published by U. S. Games Systems, INC. under license from The Philosophical Research Society

ISBN: 0-88-79-077-6

Price: $200

The photos accompanying this post are actual scan/photos of this deck. These cards are new, wrapped in the original cellophane, and the box shows a bit of wear.

Price: $200.00
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