MASTER TAROT by Mario Montano and Amerigo Folchi



Master Tarot by Mario Montano and Amerigo Folchi

ISBN – 3-905219-02-6 – 1996 English Edition.

~~~from the little book of instruction by Mario Montano

This is a work of love for the Master Jesus, not an exercise in Christianity, or in Gnosticism, or any other religion, whether <<new age>> or traditional. Both the artist who illustrated the cards and this writer do not feel themselves to be “Christian”, as we do not feel “Buddhist” or “Hindu” in spite of our love and respect for Gotam Buddha and Lord Krishna. In fact, though we love many Masters, we do not belong to any religion.

Ours is a spiritual search: we’re not after the dogmas and precepts that religion can offer, after “theology” and “morality”; rather, we seek to experience divinity, as it manifests in life, and it unfolds in our subjectivity, in ourselves. And we seek to be led by awareness and wisdom and not by mental rules, however golden.

Like other Tarot decks, our MASTER TAROT is made up of three types of cards, having different values and functions in the Play. In our deck they are called the Major, Minor, and People Cards. There are 22 Major Cards, while the Minor Cards are 40 in number and the People Cards 16.

Price: $50.00
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