NUMEROLOGY CARDS by Semi Circle Numerology


NUMEROLOGY CARDS by Semi Circle Numerology


Using only your birthday and your given name at birth you can easily calculate your Life Path, Soul, Personality and Destiny numbers with these cards. These cards will help you in discovering the gifts you have been given.  You will feel powerful in the realization that you have been sent here for a purpose and given many tools to accomplish your life’s mission. Numerology predates Tarot.  With these cards you can easily do mini numerology reading for yourself and others. Gone is the old phrase “What’s your sign” The phrase for the new millennium will be “What’s your number?”

Included in this set:

44 Numerology Cards  (4 sets of 1 to 9, 11 and 22)
The complete set of Semi-Circle Numerology Cards. Each card details a number from one of the 4 suits: Life Path, Destiny, Soul, and Personality. Quotes included on cards are from influential people who shared your number.

Pythagorean Letters to Numbers Guide
Use this card to help you translate letters to numbers.

4 Instructional Cards
These cards will show you how to find each of your 4 numbers.

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