SPIRITUAL FRIENDSHIP by Aelred of Rievaulx


Aelred of Rievaulx was born in the borderlands of Northumbria and raised at the royal court of Scotland. While traveling in King David’s service in 1134, the restless young man visited Rievaulx, a new foundation of Cistercian monks in Yorkshire. The next day he returned to become a monk, and thirteen years later became abbot.

Spiritual Friendship expresses the great joy that Aelred took in his friends and reflects his long meditations on the classic work of the great Stoic philosopher Cicero. Yet it is Aelred, not Cicero, who makes friendship seem something so timeless and universal that one is tempted to ignore its historical context… he never gave up his pursuit of a new form of noble monastic culture where friendship was allowed a central role in bringing men together in the common pursuit of the one eternal friend, Jesus.’ ~~ Brian Patrick McGuire, Friendship and Community, The Monastic Experience, 350 – 1250.

‘Reading Spiritual Friendship is similar to reading a dialogue of Plato. We are eavesdropping on two of three people engaged in rapt conversation. Aelred, like Socrates, does not have all the answers, but he knows how to ask the right questions. When called upon he can quote the authorities and draw astonished conclusions, but always there is the lively exchange of intellect and wit.’ ~~ En Christo Book Reviews

Author: Aelred of Rievaulx
Publisher: Cistercian Publications
Copyright: 1974
ISBN: 0-87907-705-0
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