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THE ALCHEMISTS by F. Sherwood Taylor

The alchemists’ hopeless pursuit of the transmutation of base metals to gold is today seen either as foolishly mystic, hopelessly futile, or the inheritance of some transcendental lost body of knowledge. But in the times when they lived, their dedication to understanding and changing nature made perfect sense. Their idea of the physical world was

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The Röhrig Tarot by Carl-W. Röhrig

TITLE: Röhrig Tarot Author: Carl-W. Röhrig Publisher: Bluestar Communications, Copyright: 1995 ISBN: 9781885394088 Price: $200 Condition: The box is in fair condition with wear on the corners, but the cards are in very good shape. German artist Carl-W. Röhrig created the Röhrig Tarot using the air-brush technique. This deck is a collection of magical-mystical images with

Price: $200.00
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