Lombardy Tarot engraved by Carlo Dellarocca. Printed by Gumppenberg by Lamperti, Bordoni and others in Milan and Lombardy. Reprinted by Vito Arienti for Editions of Solleone in 1981. Limited edition #681 of 2000.

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The Tarocchino Lombardo is Master cardmaker Vito Arienti’s splendid 1981 reproduction of Carlo Dellarocca’s 1835 Tarot deck, also known as the Soprafino. A trendsetter in its time in the first half of the 19th century, it set the standard for later Italian Tarot decks much like the Waite-Smith deck revolutionized the 20th century Tarot tradition.

This numbered limited edition from Il Solleone of Italy, is high quality printing on nice card stock with a matte surface. A very small line of “Arrienti Solleone” is printed on 3 Trump cards, 3 Aces and also some Court Cards. Re di Bastoni also has Arienti Solleone Carte above the card title – this card also shows a small script of “C. Dellarocca” just below the Cross shield.

Trump characters are finely detailed, full color and have expressive, determined faces, with typical nudity. Gorgeously costumed Court characters of Fante, Cavalier, Regina and Re are traditionally arrayed. Suits are Coppe, Bastoni, Danari and Spade, showing pip symbols with occasional neoclassic floral ornaments or banners. There are 2 reproduced tax stamps on the Ace of Coins. 1 title card is included.

Includes 2-sided Italian instruction sheet with a divinatory method, sample reading and meanings for all Trump cards. Limited Edition number is stamped on the inner brown wrap.

Price: $90.00
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