The Book of Jasher: One of the Sacred Books of the Bible



Long Lost or Undiscovered.

Now Offered in Photographic Reproduction of the Version by Alcuin.

Published by The Rosicrucian Order A. M. O. R. C.

Tenth Edition, April, 1965

~~from the Preliminary Explanation by the Publishers in 1934
The Book of Jasher is one of the long-lost, and long-sought for, sacred books which should have been included among the other books of the Bible but which was not because the original manuscript could not be located. In addition to the two references to the Book of Jasher that will be found in the other books of the Bible there are historical references to this lost manuscript and it is only natural that in recent centuries a great many stories should have been invented purporting to tell how and why the Book of Jasher became lost, hidden, or suppressed.

In order that some of the mystery regarding the Book of Jasher might be removed, and furthermore, for the benefit of those students of the Bible who sincerely desire to read another record of the events that are presented in the Old Testament, we have thought it well to reproduce the Book of Jasher in its original English translation as given to the world by the man who claims to have found it and preserved it.

The Book of Jasher: translated into English from the Hebrew, by Flaccus Albinus Alcuinus, of Britain, Abbot of Canterbury, who went a Pilgrimage into the Holy Land, and Persia, where he discovered this volume, in the city of Gazna.

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