THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANITY by Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare


This book appeared in 1909, and in a second, revised edition in 1910, entitled Magic, Myth and Morals, A Study of Christian Origins. Its present title, although less modest than the author’s, conveys its meaning more precisely.

“Of all the great figures which look down upon us across the gulf and void of time, Jesus of Nazareth is the most gracious and winning of aspect; and , although his memory was soon associated with that policy of craft and exclusiveness, of cruelty and credulity, which in East and West styled itself orthodoxy, nevertheless his name has ever been for the poor and oppressed, for the despised and disinherited of the earth, a bond and symbol of union in peace and charity. It behoves us, then, more than ever in this age, when old faiths are loosening their hold on us, and new superstitions, like Spiritualism, Occultism, and Christian Science, threaten to imprison our minds afresh, to inquire carefully who Jesus of Nazareth was, what were his real aims and ideas, what the means at his command for realizing them, how the great institutions connected with his name originated and grew up.” ~~from the original 1909 introduction

Author: Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare, M.A.
Publisher: University Books, Inc.
Copyright: 1958
ISBN: none
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Condition: This Hard Cover book is used and does not have a dust cover. This edition may not be First Edition, it is a first printing in this form with this title, with no other date than the copyright of 1958. 382 pages.

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