The Röhrig Tarot by Carl-W. Röhrig


TITLE: Röhrig Tarot
Author: Carl-W. Röhrig
Publisher: Bluestar Communications,
Copyright: 1995
ISBN: 9781885394088
Price: $200

Condition: The box is in fair condition with wear on the corners, but the cards are in very good shape. German artist Carl-W. Röhrig created the Röhrig Tarot using the air-brush technique. This deck is a collection of magical-mystical images with many subtle, symbolic elements. Bluestar, the English language publisher, says that Röhrig’s “transcendent vision enhances the power of this centuries-old divination tool and brings it to the modern age.” The deck follows the model of the Thoth Tarot deck. The court cards are the Knight, Queen, Prince and Princess, and the numbered minor arcana cards each have a keyword meaning printed across the top of the card. The cards are larger than normal, but of high quality.


Price: $200.00
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