Sun May 31, 2015 – ADVANCED PALMISTRY COURSE – PART 2 OF 4 with Mario C. Veo

| May 26, 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015.               9:30am – 12:30pm.              $160.

PalmsPalmistry has always fascinated me – it is both an Art and a Science – a science for it is a ‘language’ which any one call learn … and an art which expands your creativity, and helps you balance and manifest your Life as you best wish it to be. It is the messages from your Soul written as the lines in your hand, guiding you towards happiness and fulfillment … and also show you whether you are still ‘on-track’ or have deviated from your Destiny. It clearly shows you your Karmas, challenges and obstacles … not to limit you, but to help you resolve them.
Palmistry offers you great insight into your Gifts and Abilities, and how they have become affected – positively or negatively – by your Thought and Actions … and what you can do about it all. Palmistry is one of the most powerful tools we can develop to help us shape our Life, to help us not only grow, but flourish and be truly happy. We are starting an in-depth study program which will cover both beginners and advanced teachings – so no prior experience is necessary.

We will meet on 4 Sundays over a two month period, each for 3 hours, from 9.30 am to 12.30
[May 17 and 31; June 14 and 28].
Get $20 off — Pay $50 deposit by May 10 and $90 at the first class — This will be $140 instead of $160, if you pay $40 for each class.
Class size is very limited so registration is strongly advised.
For registration phone the Shining Lotus Boo/store at 303-758-9113.

Mario VeoMario C. Veo is a teacher of Spiritual Science and a Healing Arts Practitioner. He teaches classes and individuals on Personal Transformation and the Expansion of Consciousness. Mario is available for personal guidance and consultations on Tuesday afternoons at the Shining Lotus™ Bookstore.


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