Sun Feb 4, 2018 – INTRO TO THE SERAPHIM ROSE PYRAMID SYSTEM with Liz Ann Fischer

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Introduction to The Seraphim Rose Pyramid System

For our soul’s realization and full embodiment.

Sunday, February 4, 2:00- 3:00, free presentation

Channeled and presented by Liz Ann Fischer, Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom

“Earth has been asleep and in the dark for a very long time.  Now is the time to bring pyramid information to begin the global Awakening.  Much was known that has been lost ever since that time” 8/10/15 Light Beings Andalithar and Mishaka.

The Pyramid has always been used for communication.  This system of 12 symbols built around a specific pyramid is designed to work coherently to fulfill and harmonize our total being.  My Seraphic guides have said that this full system has not been available to us before.  Humanity has reached the critical mass of spiritual awareness needed for this profound system to be offered for our spiritual advancement.

During this presentation you will be able to feel the energy of the guides and samples the tools within this new system and discover the profound significance of 12 and the Rose.  Plus, receive a Wave of Faith and Manifestation from Seraph ADALIAN from the Seraph’s Love and Faith Workshop.  Learn how you can permanently hold the elegant Seraphic energies for your benefit, others and  Earth.


Liz Ann Fischer, Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom since 2013 has been helping others achieve their full potential and heart’s desire through the energy of the Seraphim Angels.  Intuitive since childhood with 20 yrs professional energy healing experience.


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