Future Solleone Tarot by Elisabetta Cassari


  • Limited Edition of 1500
  • #833 of 1500
  • Made in Italy in 1987

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This deck is artist Elisabetta Cassari’s follow-up to the Solleone Tarot. While the Solleone’s imagery is decidedly medieval, the Future Solleone as its name suggests contains themes of robots, aliens, strange worlds, and a future version of humanity not very different from the bleak vision of the earlier deck.

The majors have little in common with the standard Arcana – The Fool is number 22, while the deck starts off with an almost Biblical progression – Chaos shows a creature crawling out of the primordial ooze, followed by Light, Dawn, Birds and Fish, and finally the Human Creature, showing two naked figures cowering before a robot. Next is the Tyrant, calling to mind Cassari’s Emperor in the earlier deck, although the subjects of the future emperor are not crushed beneath his feet as before. Fortune is almost identical – a man stumbles across a great gem. Strength is similar as well; a robot is shown as he is about to decapitate a cowering human. Other majors depict traditional and new images almost at random – the Final Judgment has another naked, cowering person (Cassari really likes this motif) before an atomic explosion’s mushroom cloud.

The minor suits are fire, water, air, and earth, and the images have no connection to the standard Rider-Waite ones, however, each card is given a title (“birth,” “voyage,” “family,” etc.) to assist the reader, and some of these seem to correspond to the standard RWS meanings. The images depict robots and humans, many with decidedly apelike features; the suit of “Acqua” is composed of humanoid creatures that live underwater. The LWB (just a folded piece of paper) is in Italian, a language I do not speak, so the short introduction and explanation for the choices made is a mystery. The backs are the Solleone sun and lion. Unlike the large (6″ x 3 1/2″) Solleone deck, the Future Solleone is a more conventional 5″ x 3″.

Printed in a limited edition of 1500 (#833 of 1500), this deck is now difficult to find and often expensive, although cheaper ones occasionally pop up on internet sites. Demonstrating the artist’s vision of a “future” as bleak as her view of the past, along with the seemingly arbitrary choices made in the images and presentation, this deck can only be recommended for the collector.
~info from George Washington, Jr. in an internet review

Future Solleone Tarot by Elisabetta Cassari

78 cards Published in Italy, 1987

Published by Edizioni Del Solleone, Italy

Size – 3.25” x 5.87”

The photos accompanying this post are actual scan/photos of this deck. These cards are like new, and the box shows little wear.