Mental Highway: Lessons In Academic & Applied Psychology by Thomas Parker Boyd

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Includes chapters on:

  • Mind and Body
  • Conscious, Subconscious & Superconscious
  • Psychology of Efficiency, Abundance & Health
  • Psychology of Love, Marriage & Dreams

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a photo of The Mental HighwayThe Science of Being is the Goal…

“It may be known and is therefore a science; it may be understood and is therefore a philosophy; it may be practiced and is therefore an art, and the highest art of living.”


Publisher: Thomas Parker Boyd; San Francisco, CA (1922)

Condition: This Used book is a hardcover book 5″ x 7.25″. The photo accompanying this post is an actual scan of the book. It has some stains on the front cover and the spine is quite faded. But, the pages are in good condition and the binding is mostly tight. 278 pages.

A photo of Thomas Parker Boyd~~from the Foreword, by the author

The universal interest evinced by men and women everywhere in the power of mind to affect the body and material conditions is the warrant for this introduction to the study of Psychology. Inexperienced adventurers in this new world of mental activities are constantly asking for some safe guidance so that their feet shall tread the highway rather than the byways.

Just enough of the principles of academic Psychology have been presented that the student may feel assured that the later studies in Applied Psychology rest upon a sound basis.

These lessons are practically the lectures presented by the author during the last twenty years. Much of the illustrative material is left out. There is an occasional repetition of an idea, but it is necessary in making a full statement of the case for a specific application.

No claim is made to originality for any of the matter here presented. Much of it doubtless has come through reading, more of it as a result of years of practice, and some of it from within. But it has all been subjected to the test of making it work. It has done that many times for me and it will work for anyone who has the application to learn it and the patience and skill to apply it.

If the reader is interested to go further into any phase of the subject, I shall be glad to recommend to him the best authors. This sentence indicates what I now put in words. This is just a beginning. It points out the Highway. The journey is yours and it is before you. Go forth and find.  ~~Thomas Parker Boyd (1922)